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The Northern Westchester/Putnam Teacher Center is funded by the NYS legislature under Education Law 316 that calls for the provision of systematic, ongoing professional education services to NYS teachers. A Policy Board composed of 51% teachers as well as representation from higher education, school boards, parents, administration and business professionals governs the Center. The requirement that teachers comprise the majority of the board reflects the founding principle behind teacher centers which is “teachers teaching teachers.”

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Previously Offered Courses

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Selective Mutism-Unraveling the Mystery

This course will review case studies as well as discuss the book, “Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism.” The course is designed to help participants learn more about the disorder and also learn strategies to help support students with Selective Mutism.

Female teacher recording video in classroom

Flipping the Classroom with Self-Made Videos

In this course, participants will be encouraged to make tutorial/lecture videos that can be embedded into a Nearpod or Teams. Based on the four pillars of the flipped learning model, teachers learn how to create a learner-centered classroom by moving instruction to a station model or to the home. 

Young students with teacher in art class

Landscape Painting in the Classroom

Teachers will learn how to bring the skills of landscape painting into the classroom. Landscape painting can be part of a multidisciplinary approach to topics in ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science in K-12. Teachers will use a hands-on approach and do not need previous painting experience.

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The Neurodiversity Debate

Thinking about Autism and treatment. Referencing the book Moving Forward by Jacki Edry. Joining the worlds of neurodiversity, autism and education. The concept of neurodiversity has been gaining popularity in recent years and causing some division amongst the autism community. We will investigate differing points of view and learn more about the debate.

View from shore of Hudson river

Living History: Croton Point - Jewel on the Hudson

At Croton Point Park, in Westchester County, you will find the entire history of the Hudson Valley hidden in plain sight in this one park. Participants will be in period dress and partake in Living History Activities of the American Revolution.

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Nutrition and Mental Health

In recent years research suggests that diet and nutrition may be important factors that contribute to psychiatric morbidity. Prevention or treatment of psychiatric disorders could be positively impacted by addressing diet, nutrition and exercise for both educators and your students.

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Did you know that the NWPTC has a vast lending library of books and technology? Check out our new catalogs of items!

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